After experiencing many ways of working with glass as a material Kaori chose to utilize flame working as my primary method of creating.  Flame working uses varied sized torches fueled by oxygen and propane gas to manipulate glass tubing, rod, and canes.  The type of glass she use is clear and colored borosilicate glass.  Through her process she create animal and human figures and forms from a woven glass membrane that allows the visual expression of the discovery of an internal idea or feeling.  She begin by directly observing that which she wish to convey so that a direct connection will be felt by the viewer.  After observation she develop concepts for the shapes, postures and balance of the figure on a sketch pad to learn how exactly she will accomplish this depiction in glass.  After absorbing from the page the outline of ideas into her mind she will pull thin canes of glass from larger glass rods and begin abstractly constructing the interpretations and reflections of internal feelings and thoughts of the figures.  Obviously or not these internal thoughts, ideas and feelings are the things that we most seek out in other living things.  They may be the same things that we find ourselves unable to communicate to others.  Next, using clear thin glass canes, she begin building the armature of the figure; continuing with filling in details evenly until the figure has what I believe are the appropriate transparent qualities of the membrane.  This method is very similar to a drawing process in which volume and depth are created by the addition of crosshatching to a basic outline.  Drawing with glass in this three dimensional manner is an extremely time-consuming and tedious process.