People and animals communicate in many ways, talking, making sounds, gesturing, making facial expressions and touching, all because of the need to fulfill their sense of curiosity in understanding the core of another living being and themselves.  It is not always a simple feat and many times people struggle with translation and/or understanding.  However, the motion people make to comprehend each other is the everything that relationships originate from and is the source of power to progress this world.

Springtime squirrel

It has been a long time since I fell in love with glass as a material.  I believe the qualities of glass such as the fragility, danger, flexibility, the variation in it’s transparency and the memory retained throughout the process of creation make it unique from other materials.  The qualities of transparency, strength and fragility, especially, relate to outer forms and internal feelings and thoughts of all beings.  Because of this glass is the perfect material for me to represent one of the major themes which I convey in my art practice, the communicative and expressive relationship between living organisms.

Kaori Koike